Week 12 Journal Entry by Frank Mason

For this week, our team has been working on a piece of code that will make the RGB LED Light work with the IR Proximity Sensor. In terms of progress, we have managed to get most of the code working. It has been tested on my end and now some final tweaks must be made in order for it to work with Hell Rabbit.

I have been working on the particular piece of code that makes the servo motors work together, so far as for testing the code seems to be working fine and the servo motors are moving back and forth when someone gets close to the IR Proximity Sensor. The only trouble for I had was making sure it would work inside the bunny. Unfortunately, since the servo motors are small, they will not cause the bunny to move since unless you attach a device long and sturdy enough to handle the distance needed for the ears. After speaking with Professor, the idea was brought up that I could use gears or something along the lines of foam to complete the entirety of the room for the ears.

As for the upcoming week, I will be conducting more research into what code will be needed to make the bunny jump using the solenoids when someone get close to the IR Proximity Sensor. I have not gotten very far into a working code as of this writing but will continue to explore the options available for making the bunny jump. I also plan to work on finding a way to make the entirety of the code work together. Since I am not proficient using C I am not entirely certain whether I should paste all of the code for each part of the bunny into one or multiple files to get the Hell Rabbit working as intended.

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