Week 11 Journal Entry by Frank Mason

For this week, I have completed most of the code necessary for the sound portion of the code in which whenever an individual gets close to the bunny, the bunny will play random music that activates with the help of the IR Proximity Sensor. However, the final step will be to test the sensor and waveshield to determine whether the code is correct for our project.

I have also done research on making the LED Lights work at the same time as the Sound. Fortunately, I have made significant progress such that I have a working template that I have found from the Ardunio Website that I will modify over time to suit the needs of our project accordingly. Again, the only part will I need to establish progress of the code is to use the IR Proximity Sensor and RGB LED Light and test the functionality of the code with along with the hardware.

As of now, I have completed the code for the servo motors that will the bunny ears move back and forth once an individual reaches a certain distance. The last step will be test the code with the servo motors inside the bunny.

Currently, I am conducting research as to how I implement Jorge’s idea of making the Hell Bunny jump using Arduino code. I understand how this sequence of events will from a hardware point of view. But since my knowledge of C is not too knowledgeable, I have run into a wall finding and creating code to create that much motion for the bunny.

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