Week 10 Journal Entry by Frank Mason

For this week, our team primarily worked on getting the sound the work via waveshield. Unfortunately, we also realized that we are going to have to put an amplifier as an add-on for the Waveshield so that the output volume emanating from the bunny will be as loud as possible.


I have personally been tinkering with the particular that deals with sound. I have trying to find a way to input a rand() generator into the code so when you get close to the bunny, it will play random songs. At the time of this writing, I have managed to that code up and running, the only problem I have now is being to make it synchronize with the IR proximity sensor.

I have also been working on the code for the LED Lights and so far I have only been able to make one LED Light work at a time, but this lack of progress is due to the issue that I primarily want to get music to play randomly from the IR proximity sensor first, then focus on the LED Lights.

Throughout this week, Jorge has been vying for a way to implement a mechanism that would allow the bunny to jump when an individual gets close. But we are in the process of trying to figure out whether we should do using Arduino hardware (via solenoids) and code or build a mechanism that is separate from the code and could be operational via remote control. Another idea that floated around for not too long was making the bunny able to jump via motion controls (an element from my final project idea) but we are still in the process of hashing out those details. Should this new idea be implemented (and uses Arduino hardware and code), I will be investigating how I can implement this part of the project into the bunny.

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