Hell Bunny Update – Testing circuit arrangements

Physical Computing sketch_bb

I’ve been playing around with ideas to make more hell with the tenderly appearing bunny.

First a foundation sketch using a breadboard to test the connections to the accessories.

The Arduino UNO, one IFR Sensor, two servos, two RGB Led lights, a battery pack, half breadboard, three 150 ohms resisters, a bunch of jumper cables. I decided to put one resistor per light, with a minimum of 150 ohms. 150 is the safest, 220 will dim the lights to much. The lights should be 5mm common cathode. Putting one resistor per light is safer in case there’s short, only loose one light and not both. The lights are for the bunny’s eyes. I chose a 9V battery pack to increase the operating time range. The servos tend to consume a lot of power, a 3V battery goes out fast. The sound is another story, but John Moya is taking care of that. After initial testing which is nothing complicated. We should go ahead and start enhancing the features of our bunny, to go from here to Bugs. I would like to see him jump like the Boston Dynamics robot. Go Bunny Go

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