Week 7 Journal Entry- Project Proposal

My team consists of myself, Steven C., Vincent Gil, and Sergio Lombardo. The project that we are proposing is the quad rotor helicopter. We determined that the best way to go about the project is to buy one and modify it. To be honest, I am not quite sure yet on what I would like to completely focus on in the project. I know I would like it to fly itself, but also have an option to control it with a remote controller.  I believe the lil’ draganflyer mini quad rotor would be great for this project.




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  1. Hi everyone,
    My company, I Heart Engineering, is having an auction of its excess retail and research inventory because we are downsizing to focus on our core robot business. We have a lot of parts available that might be of interest to anyone building flying robots here in NYC — we have UAVs and UAV parts, of course, but also other random electronics gear, SMD parts, soldering irons, tools, crimpers, etc. A lot is listed on our site at


    but it’s not a complete listing, so we’re also hosting an open house — you can just come by M-F 9-5 and check out what we have to sell.

    Everything must go by the end of the month!

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