Week 7-Final Project Idea

For my final project my team consists of me, Marcos Lambarty, Steven C. and Vincent Gil. The project that we are going to do is the quad rotor helicopter. We have all decided that the best way to go ahead and start the project is to buy one and simply modify it. My role will be most likely with construction, helping to modify it and also with some soldering. We have come to the decision that we will all try to write the code together. Here are some links to what we were thinking:

here’s a TED talk about what they are and what are some of the cool things they can do:


and here’s a home made bad-ass looking one:


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2 Responses to Week 7-Final Project Idea

  1. stephanie s says:

    Between your helicopter and our underwater vehicle we will have an assault team!

  2. stephanie s says:

    Thank you soooo much for sharing that TED Talk – it is one of the funnest I have ever seen.

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