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Journal Entry 4

If there is one thing that I am learning, is that preparing for this festival is about a lot of spreadsheets. Usually, I’ll be asked to speak to my advisor about what they are looking to do in preparation for this festival, such as working on information about the people that my supervisor had to meet regarding attendees to the festival as well as the costs associated. Usually, I’ll come into the office, login to a laptop and go to the conference room to listen to the supervisors discuss what is needed that day. Then, i’ll look at the information she provides to work on those spreadsheets. I haven’t been offered many ways to design something yet, though i was asked to work on making a postcard.

Journal Entry 3

In our workplace, people were either dressed casually or in business casual attire. Usually, I would dress business casual because that was how i felt most comfortable. I didn’t want to be seen as an intern that is irresponsible just by the way I look. When working, the atmosphere of the place felt very comfortable and relaxed. There are no cubicles, but instead there are different see through glass rooms separated by glass walls.