Bob Gill


When attending the meet the “Meet the Pros” seminar, I didn’t know who Bob Gill was. I have only seen some of the work that he has done as a graphic designer. But when he went on stage, I pictured him to be a very stern and mature speaker, but I was wrong. Now Bob Gill was insightful, I felt like he projected it in the wrong way. Bob Gill said that when an artist designs a piece, instead of designing without much knowledge about what the company does, an artist should sit in the business and think of a statement about the business. Then, create your design around that statement. The reason for that is because designers and creative minds are always surrounded by the culture around us. Our designs are created from that culture, making most ideas similar. He said “When you create from the culture, nothing is original.” What he said made sense and I like that saying.


As a kid my whole life as a kid was circled around sports, school and church and not really having time to find out what I liked. It was only what my parents thought was the best for me. I didn’t have much free time as a kid, I was taking soccer, baseball, and taekwondo on top school and being a alter boy at my church. only thing I did for fun for me was watching Saturday morning cartoons.When I was 13 I got my first computer and the first day I took it apart to see what was inside of it and how it works. I was so interested in computers from that day on and I knew I wanted to do something with computers in the future but I didn’t know what, but I had time to think about it.

When it was time to find a high school for me to go too I knew it has to be something with a computer so I decided to go to High School of Telecommunication Arts and Technology and there I really found out what I wanted to do with my life. In high school I meet Mr. Ramanos Chidraoui, he introduced me on to the life of Graphic Arts with his classes of Web Design, InDesign, and Photoshop. He showed me the power of Photoshop and InDesign and the magic you can do with that program and I was amazed. Even in his web design class I always tried my best, even if all we learned was basic HTML Codes, I was always studying more codes that I could play with in my website. Thanks to Mr. Ramanos Chidraoui he really showed me what I wanted to do with my life.