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  1. ShaquanaG

    Intro: Lubrano and his dad were related by blood, but had different Educational Values. Being the Father of Lubrano, he wanted a better living for his children than he gave himself, He would criticize their goals out of life but yet he made sure as a father to give them the proper education so they can have a better living than he has. To lubrano it wasnt about Money made, but about the enjoyment of what he got paid for doing. Eventhough, they both had different choices, they were similar in may ways.

    Title: Bricklayer’s Boy

    Thesis Statement: Being a parent you want the best for your childeren, Understanding and Supporting their decision is what matters.

    The life of a white-Collar Son is very different from a blue- collar father. Lubrano who makes a different choice as an occupation, not exactly his fathers choice for him. Lubrano father provides the best way possible for his family working as a Construction Working for Thirty years. He wanted his childeren to make a different choice of living, where they can become successful. Being very concernend about Lubrano way of providing for himself. His number one rule. ” Your happy with your family and after that it all comes down to dollars and cents. Which means it’s all about providing for your family and earning top dollars while doing so.
    Lubrano’s Father made a living to put him in a college for a successful future, while lubrano studied to become a writer, he then graduated and landed a job working for an unknown daily newspaper that his father wasnt to fond about. His father wasn’t to thrilled about lubrano’s choice of work; his wishes were for his son to have a decent education and later be wealthy in life., yet Lubrano did something he enjoyed; his father thought he could of landed a job that pays more money. He began to critisize Lubrano’s choice of living every chance he had.
    Later on his father eventually used his sons he put through college knowledge for his career advancement as a foreman. Writing essays were difficult for his dad, so they coached him for his test to advance in his job. father never stops loving his children and were very proud of their accomplishements, even when he still made his remarks on how Lubrano is not as successful as he shoud be. One thing he did was Envy Lubrano choice of living because he enjoyed it and gets paid for it, His dad was the protector and provider and all he want is the best for his family. They may had choose different path careers but they are still similar in may ways.

  2. ShaquanaG

    Intro: His mother was from “Santo Domingo” who cared for five kids barley making it. she scrimped up money and relied on their father’s cash he gave her from his forklifts jobs he always seem to lose for daily expenses, yet she still saved a lump some of cash to send back home to her family in “santo Domingo, until one day she was robbed.

    Title: The Money

    Thesis Statement: The Family who had very little money and their apartment was broken into on a vacation getaway.

    Diaz whose mother always sent money back home to her family in her country “Santo Domingo” no matter how little money they had, she will save and keep a stash of a couple hundred dollars that diaz knew he was not to tamper with her money. Diaz dad had many foklift jobs, but they were not steady, yet he will still give diaz mother money for daily expenses, which she will end up sending hundreds of dollars every six months or so to her family in “Santo Domingo”
    Weekend of a vacation their family had took and returned home to their apartment building; they notice that they have been robed for some of diaz belongings as well as his mothers stash of money she has been saving to send to her family. Diaz mother took the money hard and cursed everyone in the neighborhood out and whoever else she could think of.
    Diaz had a couple of friends around his way he hung out with. He broke the news about the robbery to them, as they begin cursing sympathelically, it finally hit diaz that his own friends had robbed their house and stole his and his mother’s belongings.
    diaz had a plan, he decided not to call the police because he imagine that to be useless. He then took matters in his own hands. Diaz goes in his friends house as they did his popped up the mattress and there goes his mother’s money and his belongings. He thought about keeping the money so it took him two days to return it. He knew the guilt would have stuck with him. He returned it to his mother and still she wasnt happy nor did she show him she was thankful.

  3. ShaquanaG

    Shaquana Grant Professor Patterson
    Eng 1101 9/19/2014

    Title- “Fort Greene Dreams” by Nelson George

    This award winning author writes about his coming of age in his Brooklyn city neighborhood. George from Tilden houses in Jamaica, queens, who later on moved to Fort Greene east of Downtown Brooklyn, became a successful writer. Living in a different hood like Fort Greene was different than the one he grown up in. Being a lot closer to Manhattan was one of the differences. Fort Greene a project complex with large apartments and not a very calm area, gang activity been going on since the seventies, but also has produced the basketball greats like Bernard and Albert King; alone in his large apartment George’s ambition grew. Living in Willoughby, Fort Greene became known for its many artists. George became not just a writer but a mentor finding himself being a one-man support network for mostly aspiring actors, whether collaborating or maybe even critiquing screenplays , essays or recordings with tough love, He saw himself as a creator rather than a natural producer. He, who finds him-self becoming a successful Journalist and filmmaker around the years 1985 to 1995; which was the most important years in his life; he was influence by various go-getters who had long careers that produced many works. The writer, George who tells us that being influence by Spike Lee, Russell Simmons and Chris rock and through these experiences we see how he became to be an expert on pop culture.

  4. ShaquanaG

    Shaquana Grant Professor Patterson
    Eng 1101 September 28, 2014

    “I’ve Been Around”

    Brooklyn where I was born with no childhood memories to barely remember being only 3 years of age and my family relocating to the next borough. Our next stop was the “Boogie down Bronx” as we will call it. The place I had many childhood memories, from learning how to ride a bike with no training wheels at 6 years old, just before getting stitches on my chin on my dad’s bike on the corner of tony store. This block, “West farms Road” that’s my block, My block where we played double Dutch until our parents called us from out the window to get our butts upstairs. My block, hopscotch drawn on the concrete with chalk; weekends came and was able to stay out after the sun went down just so I can play tag or maybe manhunt. My block where fights broke out amongst each other and the loud drunk lady with 3 kids upstairs played her music until the break of dawn, Mommy always had to go knock on her door or banged with the broom on ceiling. The Bronx was my borough “Simpson Street” was my train stop.
    Fifteen years of age, third stop was Staten Island. ” I’ve been around” Parents brought a house so we moved far out; I really didn’t want to go but what choice did I have. Riding the ferry boat for a whole half an hour was a bummer. Sister had a car but too cheap to pay the toll, therefore she will just put her car on the boat. Shaolin another name for the fifth borough, was where mom brought our first house so Staten Island became home, although no different than the Bronx we were still in the “hood” Living across the street from Mariners Harbor projects where I considered myself from as well. Everyone who went to my High School was from there, so yes, my friends I grew to love were from Mariners Harbor. I was a pre- teen so my days consist of going to school, hanging out at the mall, being a girl. Hanging out pass my curfew not caring what the consequences were, or even hanging out in the park with the guys. Shoot outs, fist fights drug dealers, and crack heads. I’ve seen it all and “I’ve been around”.
    Fourth stop was Far Rockaway, Long A train ride to and from the city. Far Rockaway where hanging outside your porch in the summer time was a trap. Those Mosquito’s would attack, possims will end up in your backyard and cold winters was even colder because of the beach being so close by. Fast cars and night clubs with the girls, Far Rockaway was “FAR” from the rest of the world as we would say, if there was a six borough it would be The ROCK! . Rockaway was a pit stop but a memorable stop, being over 21 years of age I made my own decisions and choices so fifth stop was next. I’ve been around”
    Jamaica Queens which was my final stop but I wouldn’t say my last stop, Nine years strong living here in a much calmer neighborhood on Austin Street in Kew Gardens. Living on a quiet block all I hear when I sleep is the LONG Island Railroad from my back window. Mixed crowd; Blacks, Asians, Caucasians, and Indians. Everyone says Good morning, Goodnight, hello, goodbye. Last and final stop until I make the big stop out of state. “I’ve been around” with many memories to cherish. Jamaica Queens is where I’m officially from.


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