Good Morning and Welcome Back!

Hello ENG 1101CO Students!

SO MUCH HAS CHANGED since we spoke last week.  I am still figuring this all out myself, but I will have some information posted today. As of right now, don’t worry about this too much.  I have decreased the amount of work I am expecting you to complete while you are home, and I know you can all do this.

In the meantime, please log on to OpenLab and post a short comment in response to this post. Just a quick hi and let everyone know how/what you are doing.

Post a comment by clicking on “Leave a Reply” or “Comment” to the left or at the bottom of this post (on OpenLab). I will post one there to get everyone started.  Please do this ASAP so I know who is still with us.


18 thoughts on “Good Morning and Welcome Back!”

    1. Hello Prof Paruolo, I’m fine, but just worried about the overload of homework from my CST class.

    2. Bonjour a tous… Buenos dias todos…. Guten morgen alles!! good morning everyone! Nice to see every one is ok and well and have not contracted the “chickengunya” virus, excuse me, I mean the COVID-19 virus..whos’s ready to learn.

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