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Second Day of Brunoy, Saint Pierre Institute

Another day at Brunoy! Today wasn’t as dreading to get out of bed as yesterday because most of us slept-in for another 20 minutes since the meet up time was at 7:00AM instead of 6:40AM. As usual, it was a long train ride, some took naps, some stayed awake. We arrived at Saint Pierre Institute fairly early, around 8:55AM, all because the bus that gets to Saint Pierre was right there when we got off the Metro RER D (We got lucky). The class started at 9:30 (ish), and our goal was to finish cooking/baking by 12:30. and WE achieved that! We were afraid it was going to be like yesterday’s disaster and not being to eat until 1:30ish. I felt the menu was pretty straightforward and easy. The appetizer was Thai/French Style Mussels. The Entree was Fillet of Cod with mushrooms, and finally the desserts were various flavors of macarons. The meal was delicious, especially the macarons! After eating, we all cleaned up as a team, and made our way back to the hotel to relax. I went into the city (Paris) to roam around, shopped a little. Then ended the night with eating frozen food (too lazy to cook), but IT was pretty good for what it is. wasn’t that filling though.

Cleaning Mussels for the Thai/French Style Mussels

Stephanie and Joe plating the mussels!

Cherish, Murielle, Destiny, Welthy, and Sarah helping plating the Cod Fish!

Joe & his macarons!

The Paris Group!