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Vie à Vanves

Hi, everyone!

As most of the group ventured to the beautiful Versailles, I stayed near to home.  Our home for these few weeks is a town called Vanves (pronounced Vonnv).  Vanves is just a few miles away from central Paris.

I absolutely love this area. Though Vanves is more suburban, it does tend to get a little busy at times. In our home away from home, we have a post office, salons, many eateries, even more than one supermarket. We’re walking distance from the Metro.

Clock just outside of the Metro station

Clock just outside of the Metro station

Beautiful flowers on the outside of the station.

Beautiful flowers on the outside of the station.

Today, I had a low-key day walking around the area, taking in and appreciating the sights of Vanves which I will soon miss again. Then, I came home to make a little bite to eat.


Global publishing company, Hachette Livre, has a location here in Vanves.




This evening’s bite – sautéed sausages on a bed of mushy peas.

A Bientôt for now,

– Kim

Jour Deux- The End of the Beginning

Hi, Everyone.

Our Immersion Class continued today. It was our last time meeting together before we head to France.


Students attentively listening to Professors Hoffman and Warner

The day began with Professors Hoffman & Warner going over vital information and other documents in preparation for our trip, including the 2016 Edition of Hoffman’s Guide! Professor Hoffman gives us so much insight about the City of Light, from restaurant recommendations to Things to Do in and around Paris.


Hoffman’s Guide to Paris 2016

We watched an informative and fun video about packing. Here’s the link: How To: Pack Like A Pro

Professor Duchamp went over some more important phrases to help us while in France, especially in the restaurant setting. Merci, Professor Duchamp for getting us ready.

Here’s a picture of a Petit Dejeuner (breakfast) menu.

After months of planning and preparation, the time is now here. We are all very excited about traveling to France next week and it’s great that you get to come along with us!

Stay tuned. À bientôt!


The Beginning of the End

Bonjour mes amies! 

As with the previous three days, we left Vanves early this morning to arrive in Brunoy in time to be dressed and ready to work at 9:00AM. Today’s journey was slightly bittersweet because after today we no longer have to wake up very early as it was also our fourth and final day of kitchen coursework at Institut Saint-Pierre!

We quickly got to work on the menu for our special lunch. It was special not because it was our last day but because some of our French colleagues who recently visited New York were also in attendance for lunch. It was great to see them again and exchange stories of our travels. On the menu, we had warm salmon and pate de tete with seasonal vegetables for an appetizer, followed by our main course, chicken fricassee with wild rice pilaf and mushroom velouté. In the pastry kitchen we created several types macaroons – both sweet and savory, including lemon, coconut, salmon and foie gras.

Prior to lunch service, each of us were presented with a Certificat de Formation. After our time of celebration, we served and enjoyed our lunch. During our time at Saint-Pierre, we had an enjoyable and educational experience with Chef Chartier and Chef Lalin. Our chefs exhibited patience and it is evident that they love what they do.

It’s hard to believe we have only three full days left of our program! It’s almost time to say À Bientôt to the City of Light.

Below are some pictures taken today.

Au revoir et merci d’avoir lu ce “post”. (Good Bye and thanks for reading!)



Adriana can't believe it's our last day in the kitchen either!!

Adriana can’t believe it’s our last day in the kitchen either!!

Our instructors, Chef Sandrine et Chef Nicolas!!! Thank you, chefs!!

Our instructors, Chef Sandrine et Chef Nicolas!!! Thank you, chefs!!

Today's appetizer

Today’s appetizer 


Coconut macaroons


The future of the hospitality industry! Great job, everyone!

The future of the hospitality industry! Great job, everyone!