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First Culinary and Baking Classes in CFA St. Pierre!!!

Today is the first day of culinary and baking classes for out Thomas Ahrens International Study Program!!!!!! Usually, we would do tours in hotels, restaurants, and parts of Paris but today, we do not have tours, we had a culinary and baking classes at St. Pierre.

Coffee to prepare ourselves! *-*

We all had to wake up early because cannot afford to be late, especially as hospitality students, we must display our professionalism. We all met up at the hotel lobby around 6:40 in the morning and left at 6:45 am. First, we would walk to our metro station Malakoff Plateau de Vanves to take the Metro 13 train and get to St. Lazare to transfer to the Metro 14 train. Then we would transfer to the RER D train at the station because the college was outside of Paris. We took the RER to the station Brunoy and then transfer to the bus that will take us to the school.

As we arrived, we changed into our chef uniforms, it gave us many memories because of the classes we took at City Tech.  Since there are two classes, we separated into out groups A and B. Group A gets to take the baking class and group B gets to take the culinary class.  Since I am part of group B, I will be participating in the culinary class, unfortunately, I will not know what will be going on in the baking class, but group B will definitely get a chance to be in the baking class tomorrow!

Our Culinary Chef Professor!

The culinary class was in charge of making today’s first and second courses. The first course is Warm Salmon, Pate de Tete with Seasonal Vegetables. The second course is Fricassee de Volaille Legumes Printaniers. The culinary chef professor had split our group in half, half the group will work on the first course and the other half will work on the second course. I was working in the first course. One of the important factors of the day was teamwork. With teamwork, everything was finished deliciously. Later, we had a family meal and everyone was satisfied. We will definitely look forward to out next class tomorrow!!

First Course- Warm Salmon, Pate de Tete with Seasonal Vegetables

Second Course- Fricassee de Volaille Legumes Printaniers