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Second Day of Cunlinary & Baking Classes

Everyone was very excited for our second day of  lab classes. It was also our first time traveling as a class without Professor Warner. Once we arrived we were pleasantly surprised that we had to serve Kindergarteners breakfast. After changing into our uniform we went straight to work. The class prepared scrambled eggs, bacon and toast for our guest.

Kindergarteners eating the breakfast we prepared for them.

Group Photo of the Kindergarten class.

After our breakfast with the children, we prepared lunch for ourselves and the professors of the school. as always we split into two groups, A and B.

Group A, The group I am in, prepared Lunch. For todays appetizer we had mussels. and for our entrée we served Rabbit, with celery puree, blue chips and asparagus.

Appetizer of Mussels

Entrée of rabbit with sides.

Group B went into the pastry lab to prepare different Flavors of Macarons.

Group B preparing the Macarons.

Chocolate, Lemon and Coconut Macarons. (not picture Mango-Passion Fruit Macarons).

After we ate the delicious food we prepared, everyone cleaned the kitchen as a team. Then We changed into our street clothes and headed back to our hotel, to rest from the long productive day.