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Aya, Ambar, Henry, Gabriele, Bella and myself in front of sleeping beauty’s castle

Today a group of us woke up very early to go to Disneyland! We took the 13 to saint Lazare to take the RER, but the station was closed! So we had to take another train to get to the right stop. At first, I wasn’t sure I wanted to go but I caved and I went. I’m so glad I did! The train ride to Disney wasn’t that bad, but I think it was because I slept through the entire ride. When we got to the last stop, the excitement started building. Hundreds of little kids and their parents scrambled to get to the exit. The minute I walked into the park I felt like I was a little kid again. I have so many fond memories of Disney and being back here again brought a lot of nostalgia. We all kept stopping at every little shop and the first thing we purchased were Minnie Mouse ears. Your visit to Disney isn’t complete unless you have Mickey or Minnie Mouse ears! Out of the 7 that came, two were visiting Disney for the first time. I felt so excited for them because I know how magical Disney is and how it transforms you into a little kid no matter how old you are. We were so excited that we didn’t know which way to go first! We decided to head towards Adventure Land to get on the first roller coaster we saw. The line wasn’t that long we had to wait 30 minutes which is nothing compared to six flags! The weather was very warm today so we kept getting tired but that didn’t deter our excitement. At some point we had to stop to get some food because we were famished! We got little snacks and then got back to all the fun. My favorite part of the park was the tower of terror. I have this one memory of when I went to Disney as a child and being terrified of the tower of terror because I hated heights. But I got on because my father forced me too! When we got to the tower of terror I got the feeling I got as a little kid, the butterflies started kicking in! But it was all worth it. I enjoyed the tower of terror even more now that I’m older. To end our night, we are going to see the fireworks by sleeping beauty’s castle.

The finale of the fireworks show at sleeping beauty’s castle

Us on the tower of terror. Our faces are priceless!

  1. Tapestry in Sleeping beauty’s castle

    Gabriele and Henry’s first ever Disney experience