Today was a lovely mellow and exciting day with friends, I headed out of the hotel in the early afternoon after getting ready with Deysi, Daniel, Lesli, and Bryn. The weather was chilly, sometimes windy, sometimes rain, and mostly cloudy with a sprinkle of sun here and there. we headed to the Jardin du Plantes and walked around. there were fewer flowers than expected but it was most likely because of the unpredictable weather. we walked into their free exhibition of mineralogy where we found giant magical crystals to look through. right after we just headed out to the streets, looking for shops and exploring the 5th arrondissement and what it offered. after some shopping, we headed to the folie crab to have my first seafood boil and i would give it a decent 7/10.  The low score is for the service but the food was good. It was spicy and juicy and taught me lessons of patience. We then headed to a cute Peruvian place that sold good empanadas. We then rode towards the train to catch our amazing boat ride across the Seine River. The place were we saw the Eiffel Tower shine.

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