Day 6 (June 14th) CERPOC

June 14th,2024

Wow! What a commute! 3 trains. Today we went to our CERPOC cooking class. This was the last day of our first week and it was certainly showing on people’s faces in the morning but we persevered! This was one of the activities I was most excited about as I deeply miss being in the kitchen.

Ettiene was the director and gave us a back story of the CERPOC program. It used to be just a program for catering but over 50 years has opened up to other disciplines such as butchery and pizza making. We met

Our chef and went on to make quenelles (pillowy fish balls in the shape of an oval) in a lobster based cream sauce garnished with asparagus, whipped arugula espuma, microgreens and carrot puree. We also made a composed salad of artichoke hearts, pickled onions, asparagus stems, olive oil and salt. It had been a while since I’d de-choked an artichoke so I really had to dust off the cobwebs! The dishes came out great and we were treated to a lovely lunch with wine and dessert, courtesy of the CERPOC staff and the students who were completing their dining room class. In the end their hospitality was taken one step

Further when they surprised us with commemorative diploma’s certifying out training in the master class. We worked hard  but the feeling of a job well done afterwards is always unbeatable!

(pictures pending)

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