Day 2 of the Program – (Marché d’Aligré)

Today we meet Professor Zinder at Ledru-Rollin.  She briefly explained the history of the location.  This location had been the site of various wood working craftsman.  To date there are still landmarks that identify the trade.  Professor Zinder pointed out the sign “Ebenisterie D’Art Rinck” one of the last remaining signs identifying the former tradesman.  Following this introduction we went to blé sucré where she explain the history of the croissant.  Afterwards we went to Marché d’Aligré market which is the location of three street markets.  One being an outdoor flea market, another being an fruit market and the last one was an indoor market.  We compared the prices of the items from the stands.  Next we took a tour of the Place de la Batille and Place des Vosges.

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