La coupole & pullman hotel

Today is Wednesday June 27, we are so close to the end! The past few weeks has been nothing short of amazing. I have learned so much about this city and most importantly how hospitality and business in Paris.

Today was another day of exploring, in the morning around 9:30 we left the hotel to meet with the group that was set to make their presentation on the La Coupole Restaurant. Jeanily, Brittany and Johandry served as our tour guides. La coupole one of the oldest restaurants  in Paris, it opened its door in 1927. In its prime La coupole used to be the “it” spot in Paris amongst artist to hangout. Although times have change , La coupole remains relevant with its remarkable arts and top quality customer service.

After the tour , we had enough time in between to shop and grab something to eat. In the afternoon around 2:45 we met up to walk towards the Pullman hotel. As we got to the hotel we sat down and were shortly directed toward another lounge area by 3 people, 2 of them being talent managers. The Pullman hotel is one of many around the world. There are 117 of them  in 33 countries. Their business logo is a yang logo which refers to  business and pleasure since they are mostly a business m/ conference hotel. According to one of their talent managers 60% of their revenues are from seminar/ meeting and 40% just regular guess guest. The hotel has 392 rooms which are the Classic , junior, delux, superior and presidential suite . Out of their 392 rooms 202 are just classic rooms. We were also told that they are now in their busy season with 80% occcupensy, but in the slow seasons such as August it gets down 60%-70%.

We were divided into 2 groups and had the chance to visit some of different type of rooms that they have and also one of their  conference room, the new bar area , and the storage room. Since the hotel is currently under renovations which won’t be complete until September. The talent manager Morgan told us about their futuristic and less common ideas that will be implemented once the hotel is fully renovated such as a bar that can served drinks throughout the lobby. She showed us the constructions that are being done on what will be their pool area, she also spoke about their up coming spa, sauna area, and theater that can seat 20 people. 

Morgan was very informative and captivating. She told us about internship opportunities and gave us her business card.

Today was our last tour day and visit. I  will surely miss waking up early and having the opportunity to  visit and speak with business professionals about what We are all passionate about.


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