Tour at Mamie Burger & Sacre Coeur

Mamie Burger

Today we had a restaurant visit to Mamie burger. The lady from the restaurant had us seated on the second floor and introduced their company to us. She talked about the management, a little history, and the food they offer. Mamie burger is a bistro restaurant that offering mainly burgers. As they are expanding their businss, they are trying to introduce more concepts in food other than burgers. She was so patient to answer all our questions regarding business management, employee management and regulations.

The lady also showed us the other two branches in the same area. The second one that we visited is the original one that is smaller and more like a fast food restaurant. The third one is the most recent one that is more like moving on from burgers and introduce more other types of food.

After the restaurant tour, we traveled to Sacre Coeur together. Rukiya, Marie, Kariluz and Welthy were presenting this place to us. It’s basically a regular Catholuc church, but as the dome is the second highest point in Paris, there are a lot of visitors coming to take pictures and reach the top.

 Mamie Burger

 Menu of one of the Mamie Burger restaurants

After the walking tour, the majority of the group with Prof. Warner and Prof. Abreu were going back to Mamie burger to have our late lunch in the afternoon. It was a great meal and fun day.

 Late lunch at Mamie Burger

 Group picture in front of Sacre Coeur

 The team is presenting Sacre Coeur


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