Traveling to Provinois

Today some of the students including myself traveled to Provinois. The travel to get there was not really difficult because we had to make 3 transfers. Transferring from m13 to the m4 and lastly to the p train to Provinois. Upon arriving, I noticed that the buildings are really old but the scenery around the area was very vibrant.

When touring the surrounding area, we noticed that there was a jousting show about to start and was able to find out that the price is reduced for students. (11 euro for students and original price was 12.50 euro)

Seeing the show was fun especially because of the animals that were a part of the show. Which included: pigs, ducks, a wolf and last but not least horses. Shows duration was about 1 hour. When the show was finished some of us took photos with the horses and later we went to a restaurant.

Some of us while walking including myself went to an artisanal chocolate shop called Crèneaux Chocolat. When going inside, we were able to try samples of the artisanal chocolate along with being able to make purchases. Chocolates that were squared were .70 euro each and they also had other chocolates that were prepackaged at 3.80 euro of different flavors. Some of the flavors at the chocolate shop included raspberry, lemon, blueberry, matcha, passion fruit, etc. When tasting the chocolate it was not overpowering the fruit flavors that was for sale.  Lastly, after shopping at the Crèneaux Chocolat we went to a restaurant called Le Dôme. Price range was inexpensive and the food that I had was good.

In conclusion, today was pretty amazing being able to attend a show with fellow citytech students. Throughout the day, we toured different areas of Provinois all while taking in the beautiful scenery that surrounded us. Lastly, the jousting show along with eating at a local restaurant nearby was a perfect way to start off the week.

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