As time begins to wind down, our stay here in France is coming to a close end. This has definitely been an experience. I had quite an eventful day; Visiting the Garden is Luxembourg, The Museum of Yves Saint Laurent, and to finish the day dinner at Gumbo YaYa(recommended by Professor Zinder)

One of the first Ponds and statues you will see when visiting the Garden Of Luxembourg. A beautiful pond with ducks at the end. This was my first encounter with the magic that this garden brings to everyone who visits it. There were so many people gathered around this stream just to take pictures or feed bread to the ducks, it was beautiful.

This  is one of the many of the amazing views at the garden of Luxemburg. This was such a beautiful place, there were people having picnics, playing football, there even was a outdoor mini concert happening.

The Museum Of Yves Saint Laurent. This Museum was Yves Saint Laurent actual home many years ago. The works that are inside are that of his early works. His story was amazing, he was intrusted with such a big deal at the mere age of 20.

These are some of his first designs.

More designs created by Yves Saint Laurent early in his fashion career.

Gumbo YaYa, a small restaurant but it is worth the visit. They were scheduled to open at 7:30pm, i arrived at 7:00 and there was already a long line of eople waiting to get in. When all they’re seats are filled they give you a menu so that they can put your order in so when a table is ready for you your order will be ready as well. Something i thought was great because it saves alot of time for both the customer and the restaurant. Chicken and Waffles is one of my favorite meals, for me it was like i found a small piece of Brooklyn.

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