First Day Going to Brunoy, Evrey University

First Day Going to Brunoy for Culinary Classes at Evry University! – 13/06/2018

Gare De Brunoy

The first day of culinary class at Brunoy, Evry University, was exciting! We woke up very early to make sure we got there on time because it we were also trying to memorize how to get back since we were supposed to get back to the hotel on our own. This ride was full of energy, anxiety, and happiness because we were on our way to have our first ever culinary class in Paris. We arrived at the school on time and our professors and the director of the school welcomed us with some pastry, coffee, and orange juice, what a nice warming welcome.

Ready to Represent City Tech

Brunoy, Evry Univeristy

This picture was taken right before we started getting ready to stat our first day of class. We were so ready to start our classes and to practice french with our new professors. Right after this we changed our clothes and got ready for the kitchen in Paris.

On Stage

The group was divided in two teams (A & B), team A was located in the baking kitchen and team B was located in the culinary kitchen. Team A made Tarte Chiboust Strawberries, Tarte Bourdaloue, Apple Tarte Soufflee, Passion Tarte Souffee, and Mango Tarte Tatin. Team B made Brochette croustillante de mignon d’agneau aux amandes quinoa et panchetta and Scallops salad.
It is interesting to mention that our first day of Baking and Cooking was a little challenging at the beginning because in the U.S. we use Oz. and in Paris they use Kg.

Our Family Meal

After few hours of cooking, sweating, and learning, we have plated and prepare our table to enjoy what we have all cook. We all ate and talked about our experience and how good the food was. Right after eating we cleaned the kitchen and the cafeteria and we left the school to go shopping.

The day was cloudy and rainy but it did not stop us from exploring the city after class. The group split and we all went towards different directions. I personally went to Galaries Lafayette Haussman where there are tremendous amount of tourist and a lot of stores with all type of prices, from Gucci to H&M, from Saint Lauren to Zara, etc.

Indonésia Restaurant

After shopping with some students of the group, we went to a Indonesian restaurant. This restaurant is part of professor Hoffman’s guide and it is amazing! It has a great menu, tasteful food, and great customer service. We enjoyed our experience and highly recommend it as well.


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