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The Versailles Group

Today, a group of 10 ( ironically we were all with our roommates) went to visit the town of Versailles, in which we got to explore the Chateau De Versailles and the jardin.

The day was rather hot, but not as bad as it has been in the past few days. We were able to get in relatively quickly considering it was a Saturday.

Golden Gates to the Palace of Versailles

King Louis XIV Statue

Le Palace

Gates to Versaille

Every step of the way, we were amazed by the intensity of the palace, and the size and attention to detail every part of the premises consisted of. To think that lineages of royalty and the history that has traveled through was mesmerizing.

We came across the grand canal, in which we rowed boats with each other and enjoyed the scenery and peacefulness that came along with every paddle. That, was certainly the highlight of our day.


We also stumbled upon the Trianon Hotel, which is operated by Waldorf Astoria, and features Gordon Ramsay restaurant, in which we were all inclined to visit the lobby and see the service-scape of the place. It was definitely a higher end clientele, however the hotel was beautiful and the staff was very welcoming.

We thoroughly enjoyed our day, and even contemplated staying for the new night show in the musical garden with fireworks that had started today, but unfortunately, all of our phones had died and the heat and the trip was extensive already as it was.

Rowing the boat in the Grand Canal

One of the many beautiful fountains in Versailles.

Jardin de Versailles

Chandelier Room


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