RE Posting for June 7

Today is June 7th, the fifth day in Paris. We took the RER to Chantilly-Gouvieux and walked to Hotel Auberge Du Jeu De Paume. We took a tour of the hotel; we went to visit the classic rooms, deluxe rooms, and presidential rooms. The rooms were surprisingly expensive, ranging from 650 Euros to 6000 Euros per night.  At the end of the tour, the staff provided us with juice, Chantilly and puff pastries. The hotel was built for people who come to Chantilly for the Chateau. The Chateau was full of original painting and other antiques; it was preserved very well. We also visited the Musee Du Cheval and saw some horses and ponies. This year will be the last year of the horse race in Hippodrome de Chantilly since the racecourse in Paris will be reopening. The race will take place during early October, and it will be attracting a lot of people.


Group Picture at Auberge Du Jeu Paume.

Enjoying the long walk to the hotel.

Chantilly at Chantilly 😉

The beautiful Chateau & Musee du Cheval.

Lunch with Prof. Warner, Michelle, Nagisa, Angela & carol.

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