The Sound of Music

Today being the last day in Paris, everyone spent it quite leisurely.

I visited Maria and Malika’s room and got a breakfast treat of fried baguettes and cheese. It was absolutely delicious!

Baguettes fried in egg with a cheese platter

Baguettes fried in egg with a cheese platter

Gave, Myra and John came over to enjoy Malika's breakfast as well!

Gabe, Myra and John came over to enjoy Malika’s breakfast as well!

The agenda for the day consisted of first and foremost having all the rooms cleaned, bags packed and rooms checked by Professor Hoffman, Professor Zinder and Kim. This meant that the room had to have all the utensils and belongings that was there the first day of our stay.

(From L-R)Professor Hoffman, Professor Zinder and Kim

(From L-R)Professor Hoffman, Professor Zinder and Kim

After the rooms were checked and everyone was given the all clear, we were all free to do as we wished. I visited the post office and posted some post cards and cards that I needed sent and then visited the Bakery. Yes I had to have one more taste of quiche. It’s delicious!

Today is also Fête de la Musique, also known as ‘Make Music Day’ or ‘World Music Day’. This is an annual music celebration taking place in Paris on June 21st and 22nd.

Since my roommate,Zenia, and I were going to dine out at a restaurant for her pre-birthday celebration, we figured we would look for some music before and after dining out.


On our way out we came across Anna coming back from some last minute souvenir shopping! She got some beautiful gifts from Victor Hugo!

Funnily we saw little to gathering of musicians. It was quite disappointing. What was pleasing was a gentleman on the train singing, “Don’t Worry,be Happy!” And most everyone on the train smiling and singing along with him. It was a wonderful feeling and I did just what the song said! I worried not, and I became happy with the thought of finding the sound of music.

Zenia and I arrived at La Coïncidence and met with six of our other group members and we had the night of our lives! I am sorry to summarize it but you had to be there to taste the food, absorb the atmosphere, listen to the music and feel the beets reverberate through your body and leave your feet tapping and your shoulders moving unconsciously to the rhythm of the beat! When I return to Paris, La Coïncidence is on the top of my list of places to eat!


A little after 12 am when we sang Zenia here birthday song and we were about to search for the Sound of Music!

A little after 12 am when we sang Zenia her birthday song and we were about to search for the Sound of Music!

We headed towards the Seine because the restaurant owner suggested that music would most likely be closer to the seine and the Eiffel Tower. So to the Eiffel Tower we headed!

But a las there was no music.

We were feeling really disappointed by now and there was a small riot that necessitated high police presence. But this did not deter us. We met Kim,Professor Warner, Gabe, Maria and Evan across the Seine from the Eiffel Tower and surprise of all surprise, Kim brought her Saxophone with her! I will show you what happened next.


I will try. The file is too big at the moment. I will explain for now. Kim played her Sax to the Happy birthday song for Zenia and everyone sang along! It’s so amazing because we found the music finally! After searching for it for so long! From the birthday songs we sang famous songs by artists like Bob Marley and Whitney Houston,Bruno Mars and many others.

Tonight,today was and is a night to remember! Zenia will definitely not forget her 23rd Birthday in Paris!

Zenia with her Birthday Flowers.

Zenia with her Birthday Flowers.

Please let me know if the video didn’t work in the comments below. Thank you.

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