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Today was an art filled, food filled, colorful day. Before visiting the modern art museum, Pompidou, I had the chance to finally taste the Falafel on the streets of Paris along with Gabe, and Alyssa. I can simply say that the falafel was amaaaaaaaaazing. All the flavors of the garlic sauce, spicy red sauce, radishes, and falafel BURSTED in my mouth with every bite. I don’t know what took me so long to try this flavorful dish! Unfortunately, we couldn’t go to the place Professor Hoffman had recommended. Instead, we went to it’s cousin store across the street. Hoffman’s place has been closed for the past few days due to a Jewish holiday. All I know is, is that if Hoffman’s place is better than it’s cousin store, someone just might have to drag me out of the neighborhood because I would stay there all the time. I’m happy I have found my new favorite street dish.

After we stuffed our faces with falafel, we made our way down to the Pompidue art exhibit. It’s been something I wanted to take a stroll though ever since I had learned about it. In this building, you start looking at exhibitions from the top of the building, moving downwards to the first floor. While your at the top. You are exposed to an amazing view of Paris. You can clearly point out Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, and especially Sacre-Coeur. It was a beautiful rising sight.

The first exhibit paid homege to an artist named Paul Klee. Most of his art or, “doodles” weren’t my favorite to look at but he became more interesting once he picked up a paint brush in his later years. What sparked my interest was that during the World War as he developed an illness, his work went back to simple doodles with a pen and paper rather than using grand abstract colors, shapes, and patterns. His last works were simple and related to what he saw during the Holocaust.

The next two floors down became a lot more interesting to me. I loved walking through the different walls seeing many variations of more modern art. Everyone having their own style and their own “looking glass” of life. Creativity is shown in many different shapes, patters, and forms. It could be as complex as the Mona Lisa and as simple as letting wet paint drip naturally down a canvas. Art has no boundaries. Art will never cease to exist.

It’s makes life all the more beautiful.

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