Ice cold


These are some of the rooms that were in the Kube Hotel. This hotel was very modern with different patterns in the elevator, open bathrooms, and different colored lights. Some parts of the hotel had beautiful photographs like the one you see in the first photo. In the last photo you can see that the hangers are different than the normal ones that you see in most hotels. These hangers add to the vibe of the hotel, and they appear to have colored beads such as the ones you used to make bracelets perhaps as a kid.


The sign of the hotel just outside.


This was another part of the hotel that the students got to enjoy. This part was really amazing to experience. The whole part of the hotel is made of real, pure ice; the walls, the table, the drink stand, everything. The staff of the hotel gave us jackets prior to going into the room, because the room was -18 degrees. They made us drinks that came in a cone made of pure ice (3rd picture), and they put music on for us. Everyone enjoyed their time inside the ice box.


The group just outside the Kube hotel.


The final part of our day was a tour at Montmartre Sacré-Coeur. The whole tour was beautiful with lots of history, and although there was a lot of walking involved, I believe everyone enjoyed their tour. As you can see in the building, the place is just so beautiful, and you can see a spectacular view of Paris once you reach the top. The church is also just as beautiful, and is definitely worth a trip.

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