Syllabus and Scheduling

The dropdown menu associated with this section provides you with:

  1. Syllabus: This is the full, 15 page syllabus that was handed out in class.  Please remember that updates to the syllabus will only be made to this version of the syllabus and you are responsible for keeping up with any changes that are made to the syllabus.
  2. Summary Syllabus: This briefer version of the syllabus contains the items that students think are important.  That is, Grading Rubrics, Grading Information, Meeting Schedules and Information, etc.  The summary syllabus contains hyperlinks to all modules.
  3. Quiz Open and Close Dates:  All quizzes begin and end at the same time (9am), however open and close dates differ.  If you are unsure when a quiz opens or closes please check the table.