Module 7: Cognitive Develpment

Module 7: Cognitive Development

1.1 Piaget:

  1. Watch the following YouTube video which will introduce you to Piaget’s life and theory:
  2. Read the following from Simply Psychology:
  3. Watch the following YouTube video that demonstrates children’s behavior across each of Piaget’s Stages:
  4. Powerpoint slides and video of the six substages of Sensory-Motor Development (please note the powerpoint document includes information on Vygotsky):
    1. Read the following powerpoint document which explains 6 substages of Sensory- Motor Development:
    2. Watch the following YouTube video that explains the 6 substages of the sensorimotor period and object permanence:
  5. Read the following from VeryWell Mind, which outlines the criticisms of Piaget’s theory:

1.2 Vygotsky and Sociocultural Theory of Cognitive Development :

  1. Watch the following YouTube video which will introduce you to Vygotsky’s life and theory:
  2. Read the following introduction to the basics of understanding Vygotsky’s theory on Simply Psychology:
    1. Reading: More on the ZPD, but with a focus on scaffolding:
  3. Watch: Charlie and the Zone of Proximal Development on YouTube:
    1. ASSIGNMENT: After watching Charlie and the Zone of Proximal Development answer the following questions using 3 or 4 sentences to explain your answer.
      1. What was your impression of what Charlie could do without the help of his mom?  How well could he count?  Provide an example from the video to support your answer.
      2. Describe at least two instances where Charlie’s mom using scaffolding to teach her son how to count.
      3. What was the result of Charlie’s mom using what she knew about scaffolding on her son’s ability to count?  Was it successful?  Was Charlie able to generalize the information he learned? Why or why not (please provide examples from the video to support your answer).

1.3 Theory of Core Knowledge:

  1. Please read the following PDF by Aidon Sammons which introduces the work of Rene  Baillargeon.  Please keep in mind that Professor Baillargeon is one of many pioneers in this field which traces it’s founding to Elinor and J.J. Gibson (You are familiar with Elinor Gibson’s work.  Remember the visual cliff?).
  2. Watch the following YouTube Video which demonstrates some of the research being conducted by Proffessor Baillargeon:
    1. ASSIGNMENT: After watching the Baillergeon video discuss in one paragraph what Piagetian criticism(s) are addressed by her work.  Support your answer by providing examples from the video.  Make sure to include in your response Baillergeon’s findings.


1.4 Information Processing:

  1. Read the Brief introduction to information processing and it’s effects on cognitive development at
  2. Watch, “Information Processing in Infancy: Habituation/Dishabituation Model: What do We Know”, found at YouTube?
  3. Watch,”Baby’s Innate Number Sense Predicts Future Math Skill.”  This video disscusses the work being done at Duke University using habituation to understand how infants understand concept of number and make future predictions.

1.5 PowerPoint Presentation Summary of Material

  1. Once you have completed all of the above please read the Powerpoint presenation