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Downtown Commemorates


Photo taken at Columbus Park

Henry Ward Beecher is being commemorated for the role he played in the abolitionist movement and for being a great Arostle of the Brotherhood of Man and his devotion to helping children.


 This seems to be a man that did great things. The statue is one that represents children trying to climb to the top of the statue. Anyone who devotes their life to abolish statements and grounds for wrong doing is a great man in my eye.
Taken at Columbus Park in front of the Supreme Court

Christopher Colvmbvs
Christopher Columbus is known as the man who found the first continent, America in 1492 and discovered new worlds.
History states that this is not true. So, I don’t really know if I can view him as our great finder.

I appreciate want to explore to find new islands but until man finds out the story on who really found America, Christopher is nothing more than just a (n) explorer.


Taken at Columbus Park

Senator Robert Francis Kennedy

Senator Kennedy is being commemorated for assisting in the rejuvenation of Bedford Stuyvesant. Most importantly, he brought livable and affordable housing to the section of Brooklyn that was densely populated with blacks.

I appreciate what Senator Kennedy has done for blacks. As history goes on, Negro’s will continue to get the short end of the stick. His actions have reflected and many great white senators who move on in history attempting to do the same. He will be paired up in my history with the best of the best, Bill Clinton and Martin Luther King.


Taken at Columbus Park

Washington A. Roebling

Mr. Roebling is commemorated for building one of the biggest/longest bridges in America that spans from Downtown Brooklyn to Manhattan.

Mr. Roebling assisted in the way we travel today and even those technological creations are expanding everyday. In the early 1900’s, man would travel by boat, but today we can walk, run, bike and drive 30 minutes into Manhattan.  Today, the Q,N, and R trains are running on bridges instead of underground.