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Jose Marti



This statue in front of Central Park at the north end of Avenue of the Americas,
IT commemorates spanish American revolutionary Jose Martí campaigned for
the liberation of ‘’Cuba from Spain and was imprisoned by Spanish authorities in
1868. Fleeing to New York in 1880, he continued to advocate for Cuban freedom
while in exile and organized the Cuban Revolutionary Party in 1892’’. From what
i have read about marti he was a very brave man. The statute does help give a clear depiction of his strengthens in battle and bravery,but it doesn’t help his revolutionary and poetic side.

-Darreus Francis

St. Patricks Cathedral


At the corner of 5th ave close to Rockefeller center i took of one of the most holy cathedral in
New York,The Saint Patricks Cathedral isn’t really a commemoration for one specific person .
It is the seat of the archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York, and a parish
church. It is very beautiful from each angel ,currently it is being restored. When you first walk the setting is so inviting , in my opinion it wonderful monument within itself.

-Darreus Francis

Simon Bolivar

Screenshot (3)Screenshot (2)

As i was walking down 57th street from the Apple store i seen this amazing tall
statue, of Simon Bolivar outside of central park across from Trump towers. The
statue shows Bolivar on his equestrian as if he was about to go to battle. He is
being commemorated because he was a military general and advocate of PanAmericanism.
Bolivar he is ‘’credited with the liberation from Spanish domination
of Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Panama’’. In my opinion
commemoration is ok,it doesn’t really stand out as much as the one further into
the park. It does give you a sense of the type of general he was through the
depiction of the battle stance he is in.

-Darreus Francis

Rockefeller Center


In the middle of Rockefeller Center, stands a great commemoration that honors a respectable man known as John D. Rockefeller. Rockefeller was a philanthropist who was also known for controlling the largest monopoly of standard oil and also donating billions of his earning to several different organizations. Approaching the annual Christmas tree was a truly amazing experience, it was phenomenal. The tree stands at approximately 85 feet and stands above the Rockefeller Ice skating rink which also brings a beautiful attraction to the scene. I feel this is a great commemoration for the late Rockefeller because it allows people to see his name and learn about his legacy and what he has left behind.

-Darreus Francis

Margarita Rivera

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On December 1st, 2014 my aunt, Margarita Rivera was brutally murdered by an ex-boyfriend. The images you see above are of her memorial that we held on 107-22 Watson Place in Queens, the memorial was held to honor her life. This was a commemoration for what she left behind, two beautiful children and my loving family. Not only was she a sweet and loving person to her children and all of her nieces and nephews, she was also a foster mother who took care of children who were in need. The purple balloons as well as candles are put in to use to highlight and raise awareness for domestic violence. Although I am saddened by my aunts passing, I am honored that I can now be a domestic violence advocate and help tell her story.

-Darreus Francis