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Monuments Commemorating World War II Soldiers

Queens Village MemorialQV War Veterans Memorial

These are memorial monuments ¬†within the Queens Village Veterans Plaza, located at the intersection of Springfield Boulevard and Jamaica Avenue in Queens Village. ¬†These monuments are in honor of the American soldiers who fought and gave their lives for our country during the World War II. ¬†“This land was acquired in 1927 and it was assigned to Parks in January 13, 1932.” ¬†The Plaza contains seating areas and a covered stage along with the monuments. ¬†It is a very peaceful area that I often visit and enjoy nature and all of the surroundings,



Remembering 13 Year old Kevin Miller Jr. of Cambria Heights Queens

Kevin Miller

This is a picture located near the Cambria Car Wash on the corner of Linden Boulevard and Springfield Boulevard in Cambria Heights, Queens.   This young man, Kevin Miller Jr. was only 13 years old when he was innocently shot and killed by a someone during a fight among students of a nearby school.   He was an innocent bystander who was standing near the car wash shortly after 3:00 p.m. on Friday, October 2, 2009.  Kevin was a student at Campus Magnet Humanities and the Arts High School (formerly known as Andrew Jackson High School).   Young Kevin was just getting out of school when he was shot in the head and was dead on arrival when he was taken to Long Island Jewish Medical Center.

His heart broken mom, Donna Greaves says ” Kevin, a junior usher at the New¬†Jerusalem¬†Baptist Church in Queens who attended a Bible study group, was not the type of kid to get mixed up in a street brawl where bullets might fly.” ¬†In December 2012, 2 members of the Crips gang was convicted of Kevin’s murder. ¬†Kevin will always be remembered.

Engine 314 FDNY Firehouse: Never Forget 9.11.01



This is a picture of a mural painted on the door of the FDNY Firehouse Engine 314, located at 142-04 Brookville Boulevard in Rosedale, Queens New York. ¬†Printed on the emblem is a message “Never Forget 9.11.01” reminding people to always remember the people who have lost their lives in the terrible tragedy that occurred at the Wall Trade Center on September 11, 2001. ¬†

I felt a bit emotional as I looked at this mural and remembered that so many people innocently lost their lives and how this tragedy still affects so many other lives and families of the fallen victims.


Jam Master Jay


This photograph is a picture of a mural painted in commemoration of Jason Mizell ” Jam Master Jay”, a disc jockey and part of the greatest hip hop group of all time in the 1980s. ¬†This mural is located ¬†at the corner of 205th street and Hollis Avenue in Hollis, Queens. The The trio, ¬†¬†Joseph “Run” Simmons, Darryl “D.M.C.” McDaniels, and Jason “Jam Master Jay” Mizell. ¬†Jason Mizell grew up and attended school in the Hollis community. ¬†Jason was born January 21, 1965 and was killed October 30, 2002 by a gunshot wound to the head while in a recording studio in Jamaica Queens. ¬† He was 37 years old. His killer has not been found.

jazz artists

Billie Holiday РIllinois Jacquet  РElla Fitzgerald

I took this photograph while walking in St. Albans, Queens. ¬†It is a mural of jazz artists: ¬†Billie Holiday, Illinois Jacquet and Ella Fitzgerald (one of my grandmother’s favorites). ¬† This mural is located on Linden Boulevard under the Long Island Rail Road overpass at 180th Street, near the Saint Albans station. ¬† This mural first appeared in 2004, organized by Willie Morgan and designed by Joe Stephenson with the assistance of other volunteer artists. ¬†This mural is a great contribute to some of the great late singers, jazz musicians and R&B singers who have been forgotten. ¬†As I pass along this mural, I remember some of the songs sang by these artists (yes, I’m telling my age). ¬†They contributed some great music and will always be remembered by the old generation who could appreciate great music. ¬† Many thanks to the contributors of this mural, a job well done!

By: Katrina Newell