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9/11 memorial for fire men in Park Slope, Brooklyn

This is a plaque I seen outside a fire house on union street in park slope, brooklyn while walking to get lunch during my  break today.  It is a September 11th memorial. I did some research online after I seen the plaque and it memorializes the 343 fire fighters who died that day. I spoke to a man standing outside when he seen me look at the plaque and he told me this fire house lost 12 out of their 27 men. That is almost half of their team and I cant imagine how hard this was for the people who lost close friends, family and co-workers. Although I was only in 3d grade I will never forget the day at school I had on September 11th, everyone has their own story and I am grateful for all the firemen who helped save life’s and risked their own. I think this memorial is great and i know it truly touches everyone. Screen shot 2014-12-15 at 2.44.10 PM

sister juliet

Sr. Juliet spent ten years serving in the Secretariat of the Catholic Diocese as the Bishop’s personal typist, payroll clerk, and the Bishop’s chapel sacristan. Working in such an environment gave her the courage and strength in her religious vocation. Sister juliet helped inspired my friend karen to teach a religious class on sundays and was a role model to many young girls at the church. For the short time i been working at the diocese of brooklyn i have herd so many nice things about her, although i have never met her i know she was a beautiful person. Working for the director of external affairs it was a honor being able to help book sister Juliet’s flight back home to nigeria to be with her family for her final days. The prayer card at my desk is in memory of her. photo-1

Rest Peacefully

On thanksgiving day a childhood friend was a passenger in a car crash in Long Island. State police charged Bilal Hissan with vehicular homicide and drunken driving. When the driver was attempting to exit the Meadowbrook State Parkway in Nassau County he lost control of his 2014 Infiniti and the vehicle hit a tree and burst into flames. The driver had serious injuries including two broken legs. Unfortunately my friend Malik did not make it. My heart goes out to both families who will be torn apart from this tradgedy. On saturday night everyone who knew Malik gathered in the parking lot at Caesars Bay in brooklyn and lit candles in respect for our friend. Although I haven’t seen Malik since high school he was a neighborhood friend who I shared memories with and I still cannot believe he is gone. It was amazing to see everyone come together and create a memorial for him. This was a tragedy but also a lesson, we hear about young drunk drivers getting into accidents on the news all the time but never think it can happen to us. Being under the influence driving a vehicle is just as dangerous as being a passenger. Rest in Peace Malik. photo

Day of the Dead


Mexican tradition have many ways they honor the dead, one way is they celebrate day of the dead and in english it is referred to day of the innocents. on October 31st they celebrate children and on November 1st they celebrate adults. I took this picture at my best friend Karens house. This is a similar alter table like the one I have in my house. Her grandfather recently passed away in Mexico over the summer and this is in memory of him. They set up a photo, candles and flowers and offered fruits, vegetables, tamales and a beverage in respects of his passing.  I think it is great how different cultures have different traditions but are all similar and this is a beautiful way to remember my best friends grandfather.

In Memory of my Grandfather


In my home we have a alter stand where my mom keeps her Buddha statue of Guan Yin. She is the East asian goddess of Mercy. My mom prays and lights an incense twice a day when she wakes up and before she goes to sleep.  The bottom slef is dedicated to my grandfather from maylasia who passed away before I was born. Although I never met him I always feel like he been a part of me and present in my home. Every other day we offer different fruits to Guan Yin and my grandfather.  After my mom prays the fruits are considered blessed. On special holidays like chinsese new year and the moon festival we leave different vegertarian dishes and desserts as an offering. The candels and plaqe with gold lettering are a symbol of my grandfather. I was raised catholic and received the three sacraments, baptism, communion and confirmation but I still go visit the buddhist temples in china town with my mom once a month. Having the alter in my home is a way for me to feel connected to my grandfather and receive his blessings.