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John Paul Jones Park

The picture that I took was at John Paul Jones Park, which is located at 101st Street, Shore Parkway, Brooklyn, New York. This park is named for ab American Patriot and Naval hero John Paul Jones (1747-1792). He was the first well-known naval commander in the American Revolutionary War. The monument that brought my attention in this park is the Dover Patrol Monument. This monument is a war memorial designed by an English Architect Sir Aston Webb to commemorate the Royal Navy’s Dover Patrol of the First World War. It was erected in 1931. There are two similar Dover Patrol Monuments located in Dover, Great Britain and Calais, France and were erected in 1921 and 1922.

I honor such people who sacrifice their lives for peace and virtue of the country. This monument reminds people how it was hard to get a peace in the world.

“The Beatles Bench”

During my trip over the spring break to my home country, Kazakhstan, I had a chance to visit a famous sculpture “The Beatles Bench” which is located on Kok Tobe Park in Almaty city.  Kok Tobe in Kazakh language means “Green Hill” a mountain which is the highest point of Almaty.

The grand opening of “The Beatles Bench” sculptural composition was in May 15th of 2007. This is the first Sculpture in the world with the all members of the Fab Four in full length. The idea of building the bronze sculpture in Almaty was made by a group of enthusiasts, admirers – “beatlemaniacs”. Two of these admirers are Rinat Shayahmetov and Arsen Bayanov.  In October, of 2002 Rinat became a witness of John Lennon’s 60th birthday celebration in New York, where he visited John Lennon and the Beatles memorial places. In the same year of 2002, Arsen Bayanov , a journalist and a prose writer from  Almaty , former drummer of the famous Kazakh band “Dos Mukasan” ,wrote to the “Arguments and Facts “ newspaper:” And though we haven’t got such holy places where Lennon’s ,McCartney’s , Harrison’s and Ringo Starr’s foot would thread , however in Almaty are saturated with their spirit. Why don’t we give one of them  a name after this Fab Four?”


In 2003 Bayanov and Shayahmetov made an initiative group that consisted of people that had a big desire and believed that this monument should be definitely executed.  Non-commercial charitable Social Seimar Fund obtained an official permission to build the monument from Frank Roderick , the mayor of Liverpool, from Apple Corp , the Beatles brand right holders from cult musicians – Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr and from John Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono and Harrison’s relatives. Also this Social Seimar Fund organized a competition among sculptors and architects of Kazakhstan who will execute “The Beatles Bench” monument. The famous sculptor of Kazakhstan, Eduard Kazaryan won this contest and executed this beautiful monument.

I am very glad that I had this opportunity to see and take a picture of this amazing sculpture. Personally, I enjoy listening to “The Beatles” songs to this day. I wish I was born earlier and watched their live concert.

Holocaust Memorial Park

The photo that I took was at the Holocaust Memorial Park, which is located at the edge of the canal in Brooklyn, Sheepshead Bay .The Park was created in 1985 through the efforts of the Holocaust Memorial Committee with the support of the community leaders and legislators.

This park honors renowned leaders, educators and heroic figures as well as millions of lives including men, women and children who were murdered by the Nazis during the Holocaust. I respect those people who fought for their freedom and their rights.