This picture of this officer really called my attention in one of those day when I went to the NYPD Police Plaza. There are a number of these huge plaques on the wall inside the lobby of 1 Police plaza that statutes represent of honoring the men and women who have lost their lives while performing their duty.  Each one of those names representing the tragic loss of someone who was loved by their friends and living their families. In the middle plaque below, 2nd row from the right, 3rd from the bottom, the 22-year old officer Edward  Byrne who was shot and killed in 1988 and whose death was huge national news.

Each one of those deaths were just as tragic and these plaques are a sobering reminder of just how dangerous their jobs can be, and it’s something sad because as one of the police officer they go to out to serve the community not to be killed, they just want to make the society a better place so that people can live without fear and being afraid to go out during the night etc. They create that image because they can’t do nothing else for all those officer who died just serving the society and trying to make when people live a better place for all.





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