While I was taking my  A train I saw this interesting status it’s located in 14th St./Eighth Ave. station, over there they have  amount of little status where each of that one represent something interesting, especially  the underground gators along with dozens of other whimsical creatures are part of the permanent art installation housed at the intersection of the A,C,E, and L lines.  This is  a the political cartoon-inspired project was commissioned in the 90s along with the station’s renovation when the start the station they put those status. A certain percentage of each renovation budget is dedicated to permanent art for the station  and in this case that sum came out to $200,000.

Another interesting status located 14th St./Eighth Ave is this crawling out of manhole cover and hauling off a moneybag headed figure into the netherworld.  Some of the works are inspired by urban legends, where it said  “I finished a lot of the original work in five years but the renovation took ten years so I had a chance to show them aboveground in a few places.” One of those places was the Doris Freedman Plaza at the corner of Central Park, Though the aboveground displays went up in the mid-90s, underground installation didn’t begin until 2001 and was completed in 2004.


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