How we Commemorate: Andrew Platovosky



New York is one of the busiest cities in the whole and when someone passes away that takes the time to make sure New York remains beautiful, a memorial must be made. Andrew Platovosky died at the tender age of 49 on July 17th at his home. His mother Florence and his siblings Sandy and David survived him. My condolences to the family and thoughtful co-workers who decided to place a plaque near the Municipal Buildings in lower Manhattan for Mr. Platovosky. He was the designer of the Veterans Memorial Garden at Queens Borough Hall, the new pedestrians plaza surroundings municipal buildings and the Police Headquarters in lower Manhattan. The memory of decedent will forever be in the area he created for his friends, family and co-workers to remember him. The area is quite, beautiful and makes that small part of New York behind the Municipal buildings feel safe for tourist, New Yorkers and the people who just want a quite area to sit on a nice summer day. The area is filled with seating, food vendors and landscaping that Andrew still maintained after construction and with the police headquarters and the Catholic Church in the area it is peaceful and tranquil area. Thank you Andrew Platovosky for your time, creativity, hard work and commitment to the buildings you created. We are still enjoying it every chance we can.

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