How We Commemorate


This mural is of Bob Marley and was taken on Herkimer Street and Nostrand Avenue. Bob Marley was a very famous reggage artist, singer, songwriter, and musician. He was born February 6, 1945 in Jamaica. He sold over 20 million records in his lifetime. He brought a new sound to music. Most famous for his songs “Jammin, Is This Love, One Love/ People Get Ready”. He’s also very known for his long dreads, which he was Rastafarian. It’s a religion which believes in your hair being in dreads because this type of religion does not believe in cutting off any hair on your flesh. As far as his music, he wanted his music to promote peace. He was very famous around the time where racism was very evident. He died very young at the age of 36. He died from a form of cancer. It was melanoma cancer found in his foot which first was a soccer injury he had. Doctors recommended he get his foot amputated but he did refuse to. When he finally decided to do it was too late. His cancer had spread. Shortly after he died May 11, 1981. His music is very peaceful and relaxing. You can still here his music being played all around the world. This mural looks just like him. He known for that beautiful huge smile. People of huge impacts are known to have murals all around the world.

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