Simon Bolivar Bronze Statue

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  1. The statue of Simon Bolivar is located where I took the photograph, at the Gate entrance to the Park at 59th Street and Avenue of the Americas. R. De Las Cora designed the first statue of Simon Bolivar that was installed in Central Park in 1891 on a knoll near West 83rd Street, also known as the “Bolivar Hill.”


  1. This statue of bronze equestrian sculptures represents Latin American leaders, the Simon Bolivar statue commemorates him as he was military general and advocate of Pan-Americanism. Bolivar is credited with the liberation from Spanish domination of Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Panama. He is being highly honored through these well- made monument as he was born in Venezuela and is recognized to being one of South America’s greatest generals, he was called El Liberator because his victories over Spaniards won independence for Bolivia (named after him), Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.


  1. My reflections in regards to this commemoration of Simon Bolivar is that the bronze statue is very tall and high in height and it looks as if it was made in very hard material. I was thrilled to find out that there are a lot of statues of Simon Bolivar all around the world. Also as I was looking at the high statue and remembered what I’ve learned on my history class in high school that this monument was given to the U.S as a gift from the Venezuelan government.



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