Flight 587 Memorial, Belle Harbor, NY

flight 587 3

The Flight 587 memorial is located on Beach 116th Street in Belle Harbor, New York.  It was designed by Dominican artist Freddy Rodriguez.  This memorial is dedicated to the memory of those who perished in the crash of American Airlines flight 587.  The flight took off from JFK airport bound for the Dominican Republic when it suddenly crashed into the Rockaway Peninsula on November 12, 2001.  In total, 260 passengers and crew and 5 persons on the ground died.

This is a beautiful memorial for a great tragedy.  The Flight 587 Memorial was designed by Dominican artist, Freddy Rodriguez.  It was dedicated on November 12, 2006.  The names of those who perished in the crash are inscribed on the bricks.  There is an inscription over the door opening that reads, “Despues, yo quiero no mas que paz.”  The English translation is, “Afterwards, I want only peace.”

587 memorial


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