Dia de Los Muertos, my family style.

TumbaI am of Mexican culture which means we celebrate that which is called El dia de los muertos it is similar in its tradition with All Saints Day. It is a yearly tradition which is on November 1st and 2nd. My family tradition in Mexico is by decorating his tomb with a flower named “Flor de Muertos” which means Flowers of the Dead it has a distinct scent not sweet but rather tart, tangy. We believe that on this very day our dead loved ones are allowed to walk through the gates of this realm and enjoy the treats, food and beverage which they enjoyed when they walked among us.

This picture was taken in Mexico, Dia de los Muertos 2014, my family was the first one at the cemetery this year.I personally love the tradition. It is nice to think we can walk the paths we once did and know that we no longer are a part of that realm but now of another. Also, we do not leave any photograph of our loved one for we fear that on their visiting night they will see their mortal body and never leave to our mortal thus forcing them to roam among us in pain, anger and resentment of their death.

Below is what we did at home for him being that we live an apartment and my living room is not too large. We also ran out of tequila so we opted for some rum I hope he doesn’t mind we did include his favorite fruit which was apple and Mexican bread and candies my grandfather had a sweet tooth.here at home






My family in Mexico however is able to do the real deal below is the picture I took last year, I really wish I was there. Mexico ofrenda

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