Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Some other ways we commemorate people is by dedicating a building or part of a building and placing someone’s name on it. We often see this done at hospitals.

For example this hospital in the Bronx is called The Montefiore Medical Center. It’s also known as The University for the Albert Einstein College of Medicine – Henry and Lucy Division.

The names came as a result of Albert Einstein’s agreement to allow his name to be used on the first school that was to be built in NYC since 1897. (See the history section of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine’s website.) You’ll also see the names of Henry and Lucy Moses. Lucy was a NYC philanthropist; her husband was a lawyer and financier. Lucy focused most of her efforts in helping the poor. One of the funds set up was in the interests of healthcare. (I took this picture because Henry and Lucy were my parents’ names too.)



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