9/11 memorial for fire men in Park Slope, Brooklyn

This is a plaque I seen outside a fire house on union street in park slope, brooklyn while walking to get lunch during my  break today.  It is a September 11th memorial. I did some research online after I seen the plaque and it memorializes the 343 fire fighters who died that day. I spoke to a man standing outside when he seen me look at the plaque and he told me this fire house lost 12 out of their 27 men. That is almost half of their team and I cant imagine how hard this was for the people who lost close friends, family and co-workers. Although I was only in 3d grade I will never forget the day at school I had on September 11th, everyone has their own story and I am grateful for all the firemen who helped save life’s and risked their own. I think this memorial is great and i know it truly touches everyone. Screen shot 2014-12-15 at 2.44.10 PM

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