Mickey Mantle Commemoration at Yankee Stadium, Monument Park


During the summer I visited Yankee Stadium and toured Monument Park. As I toured the park, I came across a plaque of a former Yankee which was Mickey Mantle. Mickey Mantle, a “Hall of Famer” and also a former Yankee player from 1951-1968 was commemorated for his great works such as being the winner of Triple Crown in 1956, selected to all-star games twenty times, and won MVP award in 1956, 1957 and 1962. Unfortunately, in 1995, he died from Liver Cancer and is now remembered as an “outsized hero/ iconic idol”. I have heard of Mickey Mantle prior to going to Monument Park but I wasn’t aware of his many achievements until I saw his plaque. By the looks of it, he was a “legend”. Despite the fact that many people resented him for taking Joe Dimaggio’s place, I think he is a unique baseball player because he had military experience prior to becoming a Yankee. You don’t hear about baseball players having military experience now a days. It’s like what Spencer Fordin, a reporter for the MLB website said “a good story is something that somebody is going to listen to, and when their friend gets back from eating a hot dog or whatever, they’re going to re-tell it.”


Source: http://m.yankees.mlb.com/news/article/32983708/

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