My Neighborhood – Midwood, Brooklyn

Samuel Goldberg Triangle

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Yet another park (located on 65th Street between Avenue O and West 3rd Street) honors a decedent. Samuel Goldberg was a “community activist”. He was also a member of the Marlboro Civil League which made sure that the public places were maintained.

During the World War II, he was a zone commander because his eyesight precluded him “from joining the Armed Forces”. Originally, the park had a different name, “Marlboro Square”, to honor the league. However, the death of Samuel Goldberg made the community rethink their original name choice and dedicate the triangle to him.

When you live in New York you are known to have a busy life. Sometimes you forget to notice and appreciate things. To me this park is a savior in my busy life. Whenever I pass it by I just can’t resist to take a sit and take a five minute break. It does wonders!

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