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Billie Holiday – Illinois Jacquet  – Ella Fitzgerald

I took this photograph while walking in St. Albans, Queens.  It is a mural of jazz artists:  Billie Holiday, Illinois Jacquet and Ella Fitzgerald (one of my grandmother’s favorites).   This mural is located on Linden Boulevard under the Long Island Rail Road overpass at 180th Street, near the Saint Albans station.   This mural first appeared in 2004, organized by Willie Morgan and designed by Joe Stephenson with the assistance of other volunteer artists.  This mural is a great contribute to some of the great late singers, jazz musicians and R&B singers who have been forgotten.  As I pass along this mural, I remember some of the songs sang by these artists (yes, I’m telling my age).  They contributed some great music and will always be remembered by the old generation who could appreciate great music.   Many thanks to the contributors of this mural, a job well done!

By: Katrina Newell


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