This Week in The OpenLab: September 3rd Edition

(image by Ed Yourdon via Creative Commons)

Hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!  Courses are being built, projects are being started, and students and faculty are joining the OpenLab by the hundreds–the year is in full-swing here at City Tech.  As always, we’ll be highlighting what’s going on here at The Open Road.  Urge your friends to join, and we can work to make this a fruitful place for inquiry.  While most of The Open Road activity is here on this site, we do want to be sure that you notice our newish forum on our Project Page, which you can access here.  Tell us what you think, what you’d like to see, or start a discussion of your own (including asking questions about features!)


Fall 2012 Workshops!




Featured Tutorial:   pageMash

How To Install & Use PageMash For WordPress by newbizblogger

We just spent three minutes with pageMash and fell in love with how easy it makes Menu manipulation.  It makes things easy if you want to hide pages so they don’t show up on your menu, or if you want to quickly rename the page, or if you want to create parent/child pages (an odd way of saying “I want this page to appear as a dropdown on my menu”–the way the tutorials on The Open Road appear under “Useful Tools”).  You could do all these things before, of course, but this makes it easy and intuitive in ways that new WordPress users will love.  The above tutorial is just about perfect…


Featured Site:  Bookonomic

While not an OpenLab (or even CUNY) site, Bookonomic is an impressive site created by a CUNY student as a way for students from all over the country to exchange books easily and privately.  You can join it, use it, or just learn more about it in the video below, but we’re also bringing it up here because it represents a student’s great idea made flesh.  While there are limitations on commerce on CUNY-hosted websites (the limitations being, well, one can’t engage in it), we here at the OpenLab would love to hear about your other great ideas, and we’d love to help you realize them.  Contact us anytime!


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