This Week In The OpenLab: September 10th Edition

Usually our images have something to do with what’s going on at City Tech, but this week we were simply taken aback by this, described as “A huge crowd gathers outside¬†The New York Times¬†building in¬†Times Square¬†to hear play-by-play bulletins of the¬†World Series¬†between the¬†Cleveland Indians¬†and the¬†Brooklyn Robins¬†on Oct. 12, 1920.” ¬†The image is in the public domain, and is another reminder of what wonderful things you can find via Creative Commons search of¬†


Featured Tip:  Welcome Email

The OpenLab now features an optional welcome email for your new members. ¬†It’s extremely simple to use, though kept a little bit out of the way. ¬†You can find it under PROJECT SETTINGS>EMAIL MEMBERS and then scrolling down. ¬†Be sure to click SAVE!


Featured Plug-In:  Subscribe2

Subscribe2 is a plug-in that allows “comprehensive email subscription management.” ¬† Many of its features overlap with our already existing email members settings on the OpenLab. ¬†But it also provides a number of things you might find valuable, including customizable unsubscribe messages (you can confirm that they wanted to unsubscribe, and thank someone for having been a member).

We think it might prove particularly valuable for those sites that have or hope to have a non-City Tech readership:  becoming a member of an OpenLab group requires OpenLab membership, which is available only to City Tech students, faculty and staff. However, you can make it easy for non-City Tech readers to follow your site.  If they subscribe through this plug-in, which will accept any valid email address, they will get a message anytime you add a new post.

You can learn more about setting up and managing this plug-in here, and as always contact us with any questions.


Featured Site:  Writing Acros the Curriculum 

We want to highlight the presence of Writing Across the Curriculum on the OpenLab, and to encourage everyone who teaches and deals with writing in their courses to have a look at the resources being collected here.  You can check out their upcoming workshops and activities here.  And welcome to the new fellows!


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  1. Thanks for highlighting the Writing Across the Curriculum site. We’re excited to add more to the site soon–so far we’ve been using the Docs, Files and Discussion, but we’ve set our profile to private so we can share drafts within the program.

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