This Week in the OpenLab: November 20th Edition

(image is in the public domain.  retrieved form Wikimedia Commons)

We put up a Thanksgiving picture last week, we know.  But we’re putting up another one today, because we have turkey on the brain.  A few quick things.


Featured Tip:  Changing URLs (Permalinks)

Occasionally we change the title of a page (especially from default pages) rather than deleting it and creating a new one.  There’s often a good reason for doing that–the problem is that it can result in a url that’s different from the title of your page (as in the image above).  This is because the url is based on the original title.  But never fear!  You can change the title of any page, and change the URL as well.   Simply go to the page or post in question, and click EDIT just below the title.  As here:

Once you do, you’ll see this:

You can change the URL, hit okay, and you’re done!  Do note that you can adjust the default settings for your permalinks as well, if you like.  You can find a set of options, or even create a custom default, by going to SETTINGS>PERMALINKS in the left hand dashboard menu. 


Upcoming Event:  CUNY IT Conference

We will almost certainly remind you of this next week, but it’s going to come up quick after the break, so we’re going to mention it here as well.  The 11th Annual CUNY IT Conference is coming, and the OpenLab will be there!  We’ll be presenting on Friday morning.

Attendance is free, but you do have to register.  You can find out more information and register here.


Featured Site:   Adventures in Modern College Writing

This week we thought we’d bring to your attention Thomas Wilk’s ENG 1101 Composition I courses, which you can find here and here and here.  They’re notable mostly because the site has a nice use of student examples of both strong work and things that could use improvement.  And you see here that he is drawing specific examples from student work in order to give tips that he thinks will be useful to the whole course.  Which serves as a reminder that the OpenLab is at its best, really, when the one on one communication between instructors and students is opened up, and all students start to benefit from advice given to any other.

That’s all for this week.  Have a wonderful break!

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